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Best Price For Scrap Cars In Liverpool & Manchester

Trying to sell an old, unwanted or scrap car can be a gruelling process which reaps little reward given the time and effort involved. In some cases the car can be sat on your drive for weeks, or even months, while you are waiting for a buyer.

However, government initiatives are now meaning that more people are choosing to go down the route of vehicle recycling… and in the North West this means contacting Robcliffe Scrap Cars – Liverpool and Manchester. We make getting rid of your old and unwanted car a stress free affair!

So, how do Robcliffe make scrapping your car so easy…?

First it starts with you, the customer. You can either drive your car down to us at our custom built vehicle recycling facility in Huyton, Liverpool, or alternatively call our office on 0808 252 7099 and we’ll come and collect the car from wherever you are. In some cases we could be there within half an hour…

When it comes to giving you a quote for the car, we won’t quote a price we don’t mean. The price we offer is the price we pay! Furthermore, what makes us different from other Scrap Car firms is that we still pay you in CASH. That’s right… CASH… £££££!

There was a cash ban enforced across the metal recycling industry in December 2012 which means metal recycling processors can no longer pay cash for scrap metal. However, as our services span many different industries we can legally avoid the cash ban and still pay cash for vehicle recycling.

So that’s it. We have your vehicle and you have your cash! Easy as that…

So next time you’re unsure of what to do with your old banger, call us at Robcliffe Scrap Cars – Liverpool and Manchester on 0808 252 7099 or visit our website and fill out our contact form and well get in touch with you.

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